How to Make a DIY Face Mask Using Common Kitchen Items During Lockdown

Skincare routines during COVID-19 lockout could be the last resort of DIY-face masking. Three organic facial mask recipes are available for fair skin.

The COVID-19 lockout impacted nearly the whole globe, leaving everyone in their homes. This helps people to do stuff a lot of the time. During the regular operating time, it may be challenging to moisturize the face using skincare routines. Yeah, staying at home makes more time to devote to skincare — so when we run out of daily ingredients, what happens? We’ve got three recipes covering you that teach you how to make a mask in your kitchen with ingredients. Three home-made mask recipes are here.

Turmeric and lemon malai:

In a cup, take a pinch of malai and add a few drops of citrus juice and turmeric powder. Mix well, apply 10-15 minutes on your forehead. Wash it with water. Wash it with water. For those with dry skin, this is a magnificent mask. Malay moisturizes the skin intensely, while citrus and turmeric radiate the skin. If you have oily skin, you should substitute malai with curd.

Flood with the glows all veggies:

You may have been turned into a cook by the lock-down so that you can do another with the vegetables stored in the refrigerator. You can’t imagine using them in your eyes.

Tomato, potato, and cucumber are required in each slice. Place the paste on your face and blend it into a mixer. Leave on 15 minutes before water is rinsed. This mask prevents dark circles, changes skin tone, and gives you a natural glow, above all. Cook the pasta for about 20 minutes before putting it on your face for improved results.

Besan and curd turmeric:

In Indian households, this face mask is ubiquitous and has lots of advantages. Mix with turmeric, milk, and rose water. Mix. Scrub it for about five minutes on your face in a circular motion. Please wait until it gets dry with cold water and rinses. This kit enhances your appearance, lets you get rid of face fuzz, moisturizes your skin, improves its texture, and eliminates dark spots. For incredible outcomes, use this set two or three days a week.


Forget the Dalgona and use coffee now to soak the skin. Take one coffee powder tablespoon and blend it with a sweet cubicle. Mix well on your forehead, and add it. After ten minutes, wipe it clean. This facial mask moisturizes the skin and allows you to get rid of rigid acne marks.

Banana ripe the rescue

Mash and mix a ripe banana with a sweet bite. After 15 minutes, add it to the face and shower. This mask gives you a smooth and luminous complexion. Three days a week, you will use this mask. Those with oily skin should stop this.

Oatmeal and water honey

For your eyes, Oatmeal is super healthy. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Mix it to produce a paste with a little bit of sweetness and water. Apply it gently on the face and leave for 10 minutes before it is rinsed. This mask gives you a radiant teint apart from hydrating and nourishing your face.

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