Empowering children and reducing anxiety

You must have seen buds of a flower. The plant provides lots of nourishment to the bud from various sources and makes that bud a beautiful flower. The beautiful flower then increases the beauty of nature by their beauty.

A child is just like the bud of the flower and their parents are the plant. The parents have to do the same as what the plants did, that is nourishing their child. Now the question that came in mind is,

 How to nourish your child?

Here we are not talking about the nourishment given through food. That nourishment would be the parent’s behaviour, make them happy, teaching morality, respecting elders, appreciating on every small thing what they do,  give positive vibes, talk like a friend so that they feel comfortable will you while talking, aware them, inspire them.

Empower your child

Empowering a child from the beginning is very important to make them big and successful. If you go through the life story of successful personalities, then you will see that their parents had played a pivotal role in their life. So, try to talk to your child as much as you can, boost their energy and increase positivity inside the child.

Try to indulge your child in sports or any other physical activities they want. Fulfil their demands whatever he\she wants from you like which type of cloth they wanted to wear, which colour they prefer, buy the things which they want etc.

In the current scenario of the world, a lot of the child is feeling anxious and suffocating due to different reasons. This is very dangerous for the childhood of this world.

To reduce this anxiety of the child, parents have to keep some points in mind:-

Give a compliment to your child on things like kindness, empathy, and courage. Tell your child, how much important he is for you. Try to become his\her friend from an early age. Make conversation with your child and say that, their body parts, structure and colour of the body parts are amazing. Say that it is ok to be not perfect and focus on their positive side. It will increase his\her confidence from a very early age and make their self-esteem very high.

Do relaxing activities with them like doing Yoga, playing games, go to the theatre to watch movies, entertain them etc.

Always try to support your child so that they can express their feelings and anxiety too. Help his\her to remove their weakness and also in increasing the strength by being polite with children.

Make a peaceful and happy environment in your home. Sometimes, parents always used to fight together which made a bad impact on the child’s psychology. If it seems difficult to overcome your child from anxiety then consult to a psychiatrist.

After going through the following points we could conclude that the empowering a child and reducing their anxiety is very important for their growth. Parents have to think carefully on this and if they compromise with this issue, it will badly impact their child’s future.

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