1981 Grey Cup Champions
Back Row (left to right):
Leo Blanchard, Ken Walter, Dan Kearns, John Pointer, Hank Ilesic, Warren Moon, Joe Hollimon, James Parker, Bill Manchuk, Dan Kepley.
Third Row (left to right):
Brian Kelly, Stuart Lang, Waddell Smith, Tom Scott, Mark Wald, David Boone, Dave Fennell, Marco Cyncar, Sean Kehoe, Ted Milian, Neil Lumsden.
Second Row (left to right):
Bill Stevenson, Brian Fryer, Brian Broomell, Hector Pothier, Pete Lavorato, Angelo Santucci, Emilio Fraietta, Mike McLeod, Ed Jones, Tom Towns, Jim Germany, Dave Cutler, Gary Hayes.
Front Row (left to right):
Eric Upton, Ron Estay, Tom Wilkinson, Don Matthews (Assistant Coach), Bruce Lemmerman (Assistant Coach), Hugh Campbell (Head Coach), Cal Murphy (Assistant Coach), Dan Daniel (Assistant Coach), Larry Highbaugh, Dale Potter, Bob Howes.